Duoist was founded in 2007 by Erhan Birol and Tolgahan Çoğulu. They have attended to masterclasses of Soner Egesel, Bekir Küçükay, William Kanensiger (LAGQ), Matthew Greif (LAGQ), Dale Kavanagh (Amadeus Guitar Duo), Zoltan Katona (Katona Twins), Lily Afshar. They gave concerts in the festivals and concert halls such as 9. Yıldız Technical University International Guitar Festival, 2. Istanbul Technical University International Savaş Çekirge Guitar Festival, University of Memphis, Boğaziçi University. They also took part at the closing concerts of 17th and 19th International Iserlohn Guitar Festivals.

TOLGAHAN ÇOĞULU Born in Ankara in 1978, Tolgahan Çogulu started his guitar training at age twelve. Between 1996-2001 he studied flamenco and classical guitar with Ayhan Akkaya. In 2001 he entered Istanbul Technical University, Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM). Between 2001-2006, he studied with Soner Egesel and Bekir Küçükay. In 2010, he finished his Ph.D Thesis called "The Adaptation of Baglama Techniques into Classical Guitar Performance". He has attended classical guitar festivals of Lambesc, Esztregom, Iserlohn and Westfalian Guitar Spring and took part in the closing concerts. He has attended masterclass’ of Roland Dyens, Carlo Domeniconi, Jorge Cardoso, Dale Kavanagh, William Kanensiger and other guitarists. At present, he is teaching guitar at Istanbul Technical University. He is also a member of Bosphorus Performing Arts Ensemble (BGST) and played in ‘Kardes Turkuler’ and ‘45’lik Sarkilar’ projects.

ERHAN BİROL Born in Istanbul in 1973, Erhan Birol started his guitar training at a young age with his father, Ertan Birol who is a professor at Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. During his high school and university period, he studied guitar with Bülent Ergüden. In 1993 he graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory. In 1994, he is accepted to Bilkent University Music Faculty and studied here with “Bilkent Guitar Trio” member Kürşad Terci. He also had the opportunity to study with Kağan Korad and Soner Egesel. He has attended classical guitar festivals of Iserlohn and Istanbul Technical University and took part in the closing concerts. He has attended masterclass’ of Thomas Müller, Tillmann Hoppstock, Alirio Diaz, Celin Romero and other guitarists. He entered Mimar Sinan State Conservatory Classical Guitar Department as a graduate student in 2001. He is also classical guitar lecturer in that university. He gave many classical guitar recitals and performed contemporary Turkish composers (Turgut Pöğün, Mustafa Tınç, Onur Türkmen,Özge Gülbey, Eray Altınbüken etc.) pieces.